Dropserver Progress - June 2024

This is the progress report for Dropserver for June 2024. Here is last month’s report. I started on the Tailscale integration, which began by getting the tsnet package, which resulted in a shock. Go get … 😲 After entering the command the machine churned for several minutes while unfurling a seemingly endless listing of dependent packages required by tsnet. Yikes. tsnet loads lots of dependencies from the package which is expected.

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Dropserver Progress - May 2024

This is the progress report for Dropserver for May 2024. Here is last month’s report. May was a “Spring cleaning” month. Before launching into my next big project (Tailscale integration) I want to have a clean code base, or at least clean out the obvious relics of ancient ideas that never fully blossomed. Here we go: Remove Unused Appspace DB Code Back in ancient times Dropserver apps could store data in a sqlite DB that was managed by Dropserver.

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Remembering My Time With Dick Rutan

Dick Rutan died earlier last month. This caused me to revisit a time in my life when I worked for him, flew with him, and shared in the misadventures of a failed project with him. I worked for Dick from the Summer of 1998 to Spring 1999 while he was on his second attempt at being the first to go around the world in a balloon non-stop and non-refueled. He was already famous for his circumnavigation of Earth in the Voyager in 1986.

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Building Backwards Compatibility into Dropserver

An unfortunate pitfall of modern computing is to be forced to make the choice between upgrading an operating system and continuing to use a beloved old app. Forcing this on users brings out some choice words for the developers of the OS, but a system that can evolve to its full potential while running old code is hard to build. I would like for Dropserver, an OS of sorts, to continue to run old apps for as long as possible even as it evolves.

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Dropserver Progress - April 2024

This is the progress report for Dropserver for April 2024. Last month I said I would change how I do these. I want them shorter and more to the point. If any aspect of the work deserves a deeper technical dive it will be in a separate blog post. Here we go: Outbound Fetches Get Stuffed Last month I tried to implement outgoing net requests in a safe way for the user and instance.

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Allowing Outbound Net Requests from a Dropserver App

With Deno 2.0 delayed again I recently tried to implement outbound net requests for Dropserver apps using Deno v1’s permission model. I was excited to offer this new capability for Dropserver apps but unfortunately things did not go as I had hoped. Problem Description In the current version of Dropserver an app is unable to make a dynamic request to another host. It’s blocked by the Deno sandbox: there is no --allow-net permission.

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I Want To Surf the Not-World Not-Wide Web

The World Wide Web is awesome. It’s “World-Wide”, and it’s a “Web”, meaning everybody and anybody can connect with everybody and anybody! Information is shared and everybody can read it! The WWW rocks. Well, it rocks for things that are meant to publicly available. Once you want to share information with just one or a few people things get a little weird. If you want to host your own private little island on the web for just you and a few known friends or family you find that the web is hostile to your intentions.

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Dropserver Progress - March 2024

This is the monthly progress report for Dropserver for March 2024. The previous report is here. This happens to be the twelfth month for which I am publishing an update (the first progress update covered April-June 2023). A full year! Yay me. It’s also time for me to change how I write these posts. I think I’ll make them shorter and more to the point and I will dedicate complete blog posts when a topic deserves deeper examination.

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Dropserver Progress - February 2024

This is the monthly progress report for Dropserver for February 2024. The previous report is here. The Big Picture This will be a short report because I spent half of this month on vacation, which limited my work. After Releasing 0.13 last month I am allowing myself some time to explore tangential projects while also chipping away at some Dropserver issues. Getting Lume to Work I have been trying to get Lume to work in a Dropserver app.

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Dropserver Progress - January 2024

This is the monthly progress report for Dropserver for January 2024. The previous report is here. The Big Picture Dropserver 0.13 is out! 🎉 This is the release that lets Dropserver install apps from a 3rd party website. If you’ve been reading these progress reports, you know it’s been a long time coming. Getting to a Release Before releasing I had to add a few more features and close up some unfinished work.

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