100 Days To Offload

I came across a post on Mastodon with the hashtag “#100daysToOffload”.

Having seen a lot of #100DaysOfCode posts on Twitter, I was wondering what this “offloading” was all about.

The Challenge

100 Days To Offload is a challenge to post in your personal blog every day for 100 days.

Hahahaha like that’s going to happen.

I set up this Hugo thing over a year ago because I wanted a place to recall my experience seeing a SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch. Then guess what happened? I got one more post published in December 2019, and it only saw the light of day after an agonizingly long series of drafts and reframings.

Not Doing It Man

To think I could post every day is just hilarious, but that’s too bad. The first line in my “Hello World” post was “I’ve been meaning to blog”. Guess what pal? You’re still meaning to.

I have ideas, man. Just because my blog is blank doesn’t mean my mind is. Promise!

But like heck I’m going to join a challenge to blog every day for 100 days. I can barely keep up with daily work with this pandemic. We have the kiddo at home and my work is still going 100%. Now you want me to dig even deeper and do the thing I couldn’t make myself do in the before-times?

It’s clear I need to be pushed if I am going to unlock a spell of writing on here, but come on.

Out of curiosity I checked out some other blogs who are on the challenge’s blogroll, like this one by @basil. It’s another year-old Hugo install with three posts, and an anticipation of failing this challenge after four posts.

Sounds exactly like me right now. And they’re doing it.

OK I’m Doing It Man

I decided I am doing this. At worst I will fail in good company.

See you tomorrow.

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